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Mar 1, 2012 
How To Get Another 100 Points Out Of Apple

Apple is on some kind of crazy tear, rising from $440 in mid-January to $540 here at the end of February, finally being given a valuation multiple closer to what it deserves. Will it continue to rise to the next milestone of $600 or higher? Perhaps. But for those who like to hedge their bets, using covered calls can be a great way to keep the gains coming while you wait, and give you some downside protection in the event of a pullback or a period of flatness.

Critics will say that you don't want to put a cap on your upside with a rocket ship like AAPL. While that may be true for certain time frames with certain stocks (like AAPL during the last 6 weeks), over a longer period of time (where a stock doesn't go up every day) selling calls will help smooth out the inevitable dips (see A Triumph Of Strategy Over Hope on and Options for Nervous Investors on

If you're worried about leaving yourself some upside potential then sell calls that are farther out of the money. If you're worried about a near term correction then sell at-the-money or in-the-money calls (see 15-Year Covered Call Returns Study).

For tips on which options to write on AAPL to capture the next 100 points, see How To Get Another 100 Points Out Of Apple on

What To Do In A Raging Bull Market

Are covered calls the best strategy in a raging bull market, like we've had in the last couple of months? No. But they're not a horrible choice, either. Just because you didn't make as much as you could have (if you hadn't written calls) doesn't mean you should abandon your conservative investment strategy.

To illustrate our thoughts on the matter we've put together a chart showing what the 'best' and 'good' strategies are for each market type:

market strategy

Obviously, in a strong up market you just want to stay long on stocks and let them ride. If you're nervous about a correction, or just want to get a little extra income then a good strategy is to sell out-of-the-money covered calls.

In a sideways market selling at-the-money covered calls is the best strategy. The time premiums are highest in ATM options so you will maximize your income with this strategy. If you are slightly bullish then sell slightly out-of-the-money calls instead. And if you're slightly bearish then sell slightly in-the-money calls.

In a down market, the best strategy is not to be in it. Just hold cash. If you want to try and get some income in a down market then buy solid companies (not high fliers, momentum stocks, or stocks about to release earnings or FDA announcements) and sell in-the-money-calls against them. You'll have the most downside protection with ITM options.

Bottom line: Covered calls may not be the 'best' strategy in every market, but they are a 'good' strategy in any market. When used over a long period of time you should come out ahead by using a consistent covered calls strategy. The highs may not be as high (compared to buy-and-hold), but the lows certainly won't be as low, either.

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ONTY And 3 Other Covered Calls For Mar 17 Expiration

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