Covered Call Tutorial

Whether you're an experienced covered call investor, or this is your first time, you've come to the right place. We at Born To Sell are passionate about two things:

  1. Covered call investing, and
  2. Making covered calls easy, less time-consuming, and more profitable by providing the best trade selection and portfolio management tools available.

This tutorial will provide you with the basic knowledge, tools, and techniques you need to understand covered call investing. But first, a fun fact:

Over 75% of all options held until expiration expire worthless.

That's why you should do what the pros do and SELL options to other people. After all, if most of them will expire worthless, why not collect some money for them today while they still have value? It's what you were BORN to do!

Investing in covered calls is not a get-rich-quick strategy. It's an income-oriented approach that anyone can do (and if you like receiving dividends, you'll love receiving call premium each month). This free covered call tutorial contains lessons that will teach you the advantages, risks, and rewards of covered call investing.