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An option writer is an investor who earns recurring income by writing options. Normally it's best if the option writer owns the underlying stocks or ETFs, making them covered options and not naked options. Writing naked options exposes an investor to unlimited liability.

It isn't difficult to write options each month. You just need a good screener to help you quickly identify candidate trades. Born To Sell's screener filters and sorts the best covered calls according to your personal preferences:

option writer

The screener will quickly eliminate candidate trades that the option writer shoud steer clear of: those with earnings before expiration, or those in sectors the investor may not care for. Out of several hundred thousand covered call candidates, the investor can quickly identify a couple dozen likely suspects that require additional diligence.

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Born To Sell is dedicated to covered calls. We offer an easy to use screener, as well as several portfolio management tools designed to help you write options successfully.