Covered Calls Options Screener

A covered calls options screener helps you find the best covered calls, saves you huge amounts of time, and improves your investment results. Why spend hours manually screening tens of thousands of call options when you can have an options screener do it for you in seconds? You will get faster and more complete results.

For example, check out Born To Sell's General Search screener. It filters and sorts all known covered calls according to your personalized investment criteria (see a live demo of the covered call screener):

covered calls options screener

There are several advanced filters to keep you out of trouble. For example, with a single click you can remove all options that have an earnings release date prior to option expiration. Or maybe limit results to only those that have an ex-dividend date before expiration (for a dividend capture strategy). Or, if you like covered calls on ETFs, you can click one box and have all the results be limited to only covered calls on ETFs. With over 20 custom filters it is the most versatile covered calls options screener available.

If you would like to learn how to use an options screener to increase your portfolio yield and generate recurring monthly income with covered calls, sign up for our free newsletter or a 2 week free trial of our service.

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Born To Sell is dedicated to having the best covered calls options screener available. We offer a best of breed covered call screener, as well as several portfolio management tools designed to help you maximize your monthly income.