Covered Call Scanner Example Search Filters

Scan today's 666,000 call options with our easy to use covered call scanner. Our scanners will help you filter and sort all options to quickly find profitable investments.

Below are three example filters. Once you are a member you will have access to additional ways to look for a covered call: P/E ratio, market cap, open interest, ex-dividend date, earnings release date, industry sector, etc. Plus, your search criteria are automatically saved for instant recall the next time you visit. Using a scanner has never been so easy!

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The most common filter is expiration date. This is the month when the option expires. By setting this slider to a particular month you limit the search results to options that expire in that month. The letters on the Expiration slider are the first letter of the expiration month.

Most covered call writers tend to write short term options (the near month or two) because the premium capture per month is higher.


The next most common way to look at options is by how much in the money (ITM) or out of the money (OTM) they are. This is called moneyness, and it expresses a relationship between the option strike price and the underlying stock price. (If "strike price" is unfamiliar, start with the Tutorial.)

The left half of the slider is in the money, meaning the option strike is less than the underlying stock price. The right half of the slider is out of the money, meaning the option strike is higher than the stock price. And right in the center of the slider is at the money (ATM) because the strike price is the same as (or very close to) the stock price.

ITM options are more conservative than OTM options because they have a larger amount of downside protection (lower break-even point). The lower the strike (i.e. the larger % of ITM moneyness) the more downside protection you have. For maximum downside protection set this slider to 20% ITM.


The Sector popup menu allows you limit the results to a particular industry sector. You may want to do this for diversification reasons; for example, perhaps you're looking for Healthcare covered calls because you are underweighted in the healthcare sector.

These are just 3 of the many filters our covered call scanner lets you use to find good covered call candidates quickly.