Option Trading Service

If you want a good option trading service then congratulations, you're here. Born To Sell provides best of breed software and tools (as a service) for option trading investors. You will save tons of time and improve your trading results. The tools make it easy to quickly remove entire classes of risky investments (like options on stocks that have earnings before expiration, or ones that have very wide spreads and/or are thinly traded).

What kind of option trading services can you expect?

Here are some popular features of the tools:

  • Top 10 Covered Calls
  • Covered call screener with custom filters
  • Dividend capture covered call tool
  • Max Protection tool
  • Income Goal tool
  • Dashboard with time premium graphics
  • Full tutorial, blog, and newsletter (all free!)

As an example option trading service, here is a screen shot of the General Search tool. It helps you quickly identify covered calls that match your personal preferences (notice how earnings release dates before expiration are in red, while ex-dividend dates before expiration are in green):

option trading service

If you would like to learn how to use an options screener service to find the best covered call stocks, sign up for our free newsletter or a 2 week free trial of our service.

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Born To Sell is dedicated to having the best option trading service available. We offer an easy to use screener, as well as several portfolio management tools designed to help you maximize your monthly income.