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Apr 1, 2014 
Apple Screwed?

Is Apple (AAPL) really screwed? Is the declining gross margin and lack of new products going to finish them off in the long run? At least one Wall Street analyst thinks so. Today he downgraded Apple from "Outperform" to "Screwed". Read the complete analysis at Apple Downgraded To Screwed.

AAPLTrader Online Meet Up and Free Membership

Our friends at have invited Born To Sell readers to join them for an online AAPL Trading Meet Up this Thursday, April 3rd, at 7pm ET. You get a free ticket to join in simply by creating your free AAPLTrader membership. Here's what you're going to learn at the Meet Up:

  1. How to Swing Trade AAPL with 75% Accuracy
  2. Credit Spreads vs. Debit Spreads, which are better?
  3. Secrets to cash flowing your AAPL Shares
  4. And much much more

These meetings are a lot of fun and involve interaction with the presenter, if you have questions. To get your free AAPLTrader membership and RSVP, just click here.

$100K Challenge logoOn March 27 we sent out an email to announce's New $100K Challenge, where they try to turn $3K into $100K in 4 months by trading options (not covered calls). This is the 12th time they've attempted the challenge, and the average win over the last 11 attempts is $27K (including two attempts where they met their $100K goal).

At the time we sent the email (which was 4 days into the 4 month challenge) they were up $400 (starting with $3K). As of today (Apr 1), which is now 8 days into the challenge, they are up $1356.

Born To Sell has arranged a special discount code where you can watch them trade live for 1 month for free (no obligation to pay). You will be a full member of their Live Trade Seat service and can see their trades real-time and ask them questions. To get your discount code for the no-obligation 1 month free trial, visit Discount Code.

Investing Discipline Leads To $1 Million At Age 39

Every Woman Should Know Her OptionsLaurie Itkin is a financial advisor and wealth manager who likes covered calls. She runs, a successful options coaching service for self-directed investors.

She has just released a new book on investing with options. In the book Every Woman Should Know Her Options she describes how she took her portfolio from $1600 at the age of 24 to over $1 million at the age of 39 (hint: it involves disciplined investing, including covered calls).

Despite the word "Woman" in the book's title, there is plenty for men in this book, too. There is clear discussion and tutorial on covered calls, naked puts, diversification, financial advisor fees, and more. To read about her book and Laurie, visit Laurie's Book site. Online Broker Review for 2014 Online Broker is an independent broker comparison site. Ever wonder how the features and tools (or fees) of your broker compare to all the others? Are you using the best broker for your type of trading? Now there's an extremely in-depth review (266 unique variables) you can use (free) to compare: 2014 Online Broker Review.

So, which broker is the best? Who wins in 2014? You'll have to scroll down to the Best In Class section and look up what you care most about: Fees, Tools, Service, Options Trading, etc. Check it out.

MNKD And 3 Other Covered Calls For Apr 19 Expiration

With less than 3 weeks to go until the April options expire, the top 4 covered calls Born To Sell members have written are (in order of popularity):


(Note: Born To Sell members have access to the full Top 10 Covered Call list, as well as having this list update real-time as members change positions. These are not recommendations, they are merely a reflection of our members' current positions.)

MSFT And Other Covered Call Watchlist Stocks

Currently, the top 8 stocks Born To Sell members are using for their Watchlist are (in order of popularity):


(Note: Born To Sell members have access to the full Top 20 Watchlist, as well as having this list update real-time as members change their watchlists. And, you can have the highest yielding covered calls from your personal watchlist emailed to you after the close each day. Never miss a fat premium from your watchlist again!)

Want More Covered Call Goodness?

Born To Sell is dedicated to only one thing: Making Money With Covered Calls. Our subscribers have access to state-of-the-art covered call screeners and covered call portfolio management tools. For less than the profit of a single trade you could be enjoying recurring monthly income using our tools. Three subscription types to choose from:

Quarterly$149.95 (17% discount)
Annual$499.95 (31% discount)

Plus, all subscriptions begin with a no-obligation 2-week free trial. What are you waiting for? Start collecting premium today!

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