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Jun 1, 2017 
The Top 2 Swing Trade Strategies for AAPL

AppleOur good friend Micah Lamar from (formerly AAPLtrader) has agreed to offer his insights to trading AAPL in a free webinar next Tuesday, June 6. He will be discussing:

  1. The #1 swing trade strategy for AAPL breakouts
  2. The best settings to use for the ADX right now
  3. Why the ADX gives a better entry than the MACD
  4. and much more...

Micah has been successfully trading AAPL for years and you will learn quite a bit by listening to his 2 swing trade strategies for AAPL. Click here to register (free) (even if you can't make the June 6 date, go ahead and register so you can listen to the recording afterwards).

Energy Stocks For The Next 4 Years

Aaron Levitt's article My 7 Favorite Energy Stocks for the Rest of Trump’s Presidency at InvestorPlace points out from the early days of the campaign trail, Donald Trump made it clear that he is a traditional-energy man. Coal, oil, nuclear - you name it, and he supported it. That has helped to support the energy sector from his election through today. And after Rick Perry's first policy speech as Energy Secretary we now know which energy stocks will keep on going in today's new reality - fracking, mining and exporting fossil fuels overseas.

Given that backdrop, Aaron came up with 7 energy stocks he likes, 4 of which currently offer double-digit covered call returns. Check out the blog article, Energy Stocks For The Next 4 Years.

$800 Cash For Opening Chase Ink Business Credit Card

You probably already have a credit card. If you'd like another one, along with an $800 cash bonus for meeting minimum spend requirements, we suggest the Ink Business Preferred Card from Chase. In addition to 3% cash-back on travel, Internet, cable, and phone services, you'll also get 3% back on any social media or search engine spend during the year. Applying is free and you'll get the 80,000 bonus points (which you can redeem for $800 cash) after spending $5000 in the 1st three months. Check it out.

High Dividend Stocks For Retirement

Brian Bollinger's article 10 Simply Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy for Retirement points out that low interest rates have created a challenge for investors looking for dividend stocks that will generate safe cash flows for their retirement. He looks at 10 of the best high dividend stocks that offer strong yields (4% and above) and that have a regular cash flows that insulate them from the vagaries of economic cycles.

We take Brian's high dividend stocks and run them through our covered call screener for even more yield. Check out the article, High Dividend Stocks For Retirement.

13.9% Yield On Crescent Point Energy

The Motley Fool had a recent article on using covered calls on CPG (Crescent Point Energy Corp) to create a 13.9% yield that combines its 2.8% dividend yield with call option premium. We're not making any endorsements of CPG here but we do like the methodology of using covered calls to increase yield. To read about how they do it, please see Crescent Point Energy Corp.: Create Your Own 13.9% Yield.

AAPL And 3 Other Covered Calls For Jun 16 Expiration

With just over 2 weeks to go until June's options expire, the top 4 covered calls Born To Sell members have written are (in order of popularity):


(Note: Born To Sell members have access to the full Top 10 Covered Call list, as well as having this list update real-time as members change positions. These are not recommendations, they are merely a reflection of our members' current positions.)

AAPL And Other Covered Call Watchlist Stocks

Currently, the top 8 stocks Born To Sell members are using for their Watchlist are (in order of popularity):


(Note: Born To Sell members have access to the full Top 20 Watchlist, as well as having this list update real-time as members change their watchlists. And, you can have the highest yielding covered calls from your personal watchlist emailed to you after the close each day. Never miss a fat premium from your watchlist again!)

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